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About Rapid Oven Repairs

The Rapid Oven Repairs website is a family collaboration that was created utilising the extensive industry knowledge and experience of two brothers. One has many years in customer facing roles as a successful kitchen appliance engineer the other has been working in the computer industry for most his life and for the past almost 20 years has been responsible for the development of online applications for many SME's and PLC's.

Whilst on a family holiday in Spain the two brothers came up with the idea of Rapid Oven Repairs as the pre-cursor to something far greater in scale. The Rapid Oven Repairs website brings together the technician out in the field and the customer by making use of today's current technology, utilising the smart phone's capability of running enterprise style applications across networks whilst out and about, the epitome of customer convenience!

So rather than having your repair request dealt with by an administrator at a call centre or some head office your request is sent straight to the mobile phone of your local technician and utilising his knowledge of actual and future workload and current road conditions can give an accurate response to your request for assistance.

Apart from the obvious benefits from connecting the customer with the technician direct, the two brothers were acutlely aware of many poor, bad and in some cases bordering on scam practises of some local appliance repair companies and decided they wouldn't want their mother trusting any of these companies so felt it was time to bring some professionalism back to the appliance repair industry sector. There are environmental benefits too, by repairing your old faithful appliance rather than buying a new one you can avoid adding thousands of miles of carbon footprint in the process.

We recognise that when a critical kitchen appliance breaks down all you would like to know is when will it be up and running again. You don't want to know that the engineer due this morning has unfortunately developed a previously undiagnosed medical problem and cannot attend or his van is currently stuck in traffic or broken down with no idea of his ETA or that the office systems have failed and the company had no knowledge of your booking or their emails weren't working... and the list of excuses go on and on. Check the links to reviews out, these really do happen!

If you have a current problem then use the form at the top of the home page.

If you would like to contact us for any reason please use either the contact link or the form at the bottom of the home page or email us (enquiries@rapid-oven-repairs-bournemouth.co.uk ).

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